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Help your clients on their philanthropic journey

As Professional Advisers, you have the opportunity to help your clients achieve their charitable goals, through planned giving that blends philanthropy with overall financial and estate planning.

When you partner with ACF, you gain full access to the philanthropic expertise your clients are looking for. You will always retain complete control of your client relationships, while we act as a partner and resource to help fulfil their charitable goals.

How can we help?

  • help you develop a deeper, richer client relationship;
  • assist as a referral service to your clients who have complex philanthropy objectives;
  • provide philanthropic consulting if you want to research a particular philanthropic program
  • by incorporating philanthropy, in particular the community foundation model into your client’s wealth plan, you stay competitive if not “ahead” of your competition.

Learn more

GIVE is ACF’s education and engagement program for financial advisers. It’s designed to provide you with everything you need to confidently provide advice on philanthropy to your clients. As part of GIVE, ACF hosts a number of educational events and seminars throughout the year to assist professional advisers on topics relating to charitable giving, strategies and your clients’ philanthropy.

ACF also offers custom presentations and seminars for you, your colleagues and your clients. Contact us to find out more.


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