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Each year, ACF makes hundreds of grants to support charitable organisations and projects all around the country and internationally.

Follow the links below to determine if you’re eligible to receive a grant from ACF, understand the application process, submit a request for funding or to find out more information.

To speak to our Grants Team, call (03) 9412 0412 or email

Funding requests are currently being accepted by email. Please send an attachment of your proposal to with the subject “Funding Proposal”.

Proposals are reviewed by the grants team and if eligible are added to the newsletter for our community of donors. You will be contacted by the grants team if any donor is interested in your project.

We recommend that proposals are between 1-4 pages and include an overview of:

  • Your organisation
  • The issue being addressed
  • The project
  • The impact or expected outcomes of the project
  • The amount of funding you are seeking
ACF only makes grants to organisations with the following Australian Taxation Office endorsements:

  • TCC – Tax Concession Charity status
  • DGR – Deductible Gift Recipient Item 1 of the table in Section 30-15 of the Income Tax Assessment Act (1997)

To confirm you are eligible for an ACF grant, please search the Australian Business Register using your organisation’s name or ABN to see whether it is endorsed as an Item 1 DGR and TCC organisation.

If you hold the correct ATO endorsements, you can email a Funding Proposal to

The Grants Team reviews funding proposals weekly. If eligible the proposal will be flagged for inclusion in a donor newsletter. Organisations will only be notified if their proposal is not eligible (i.e. they do not hold the appropriate ATO endorsements) or if a donor expresses interest in their proposal.

Due to the high volume of requests we are only able to accept two funding requests per calendar year.

Organisations that have been nominated to receive a grant will be contacted by the ACF Grants Team to carry out further due diligence and to collect information such as bank details. Funding Request nominations are then prepared for approval by the Grants Committee.

Once a grant payment has been approved by the ACF Grants Committee, the successful organisation will receive a letter of offer from ACF. ACF distributes all grants by electronic funds transfer.

Note, grants over $5,000 made to specific projects are required to sign a Grant Agreement. The Grant Agreement will be issued with the letter of offer and must be returned with a receipt within 30 days.

For grants over $5,000, ACF requires a progress report on the project 12 months after the grant is received. Organisations that fail to provide reports may not be considered for future funding.

Click here to report on your grant.